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I'd like to describe the way to control the "mind" of people with writing documents in this blog. I think you have written lots of documents on business. With these documents, you could move the people? As a result, you could achieve something great? If you didn't, this blog can be your benefit.
I hope you use this way with the right way.

This is very easy and anybody can do that.
After you remember this way, I'd like you to try to use it on your business.

If you can control the mind of people on business,
  • you can get the approval of your boss agains your proposal,
  • you can get more business with good performance,
  • you can promote quickly,
  • you can be happy.

I myself had to make lots of documents in order to work with stakes holders. Before I knew this way, I was really suffered from getting cooperation with others but after I know it, the reaction of others had changed a lot.
Now I'm working as CEO and got the working environment with liberty.

Of course this way is not the one to promise the increase of your salary. But I'm sure your life will change. Please enjoy it!

What is the motivation of people?

As Simon Sinek said, in order to motive people we need to show "why", "what" and "how". The most important factor is "why" but the others can be motivation.

Even if we understand "why", some might not move without "what".
Even if we understand "what", some might not move without "how".

So important thing is to include "why", "what" and "how" on your document. That's all!

But the order is also important. The order is, "why", "what" and "how". Then you should add "why not now" at the end to encourage people to move before they forget.

Step by step

Then let's see how to write.

1. Short but stimulating title

Title must be short and stimulating.
You need to put stimulating words on title.
If the title is very normal, nobody wants to read contents or anybody feel bored.

2. Main theme on the first line

You need to clarify the main topic on the first line.
This can be the repeat of the title.
This needs to be short and stimulating.
The first line exist to let readers to read the next lines.

3. Why with a story

Main contents start from "why".
"Why" is merit / demerit.
You can show "Why"s with introducing a story.
A story makes our brain stopped (we become calm when we listen to an explanation).
If you start from place/date/people, the sentence can be a story.

4. What

"What" means facts such as data, statistics, history, formula and so on.
This needs to be the evidences of "why".
Also this needs to be easy for readers to understand. Copy & paste of data is bad.

5. How

This is concrete step by step.
This also needs to be short between 3 steps and 9 steps.

6. Right now

After you motive people with your document successfully, you need to encourage them to move right now because motivation can decrease soon.
How can you move them right now? It's a homework and a gift.
People are basically educated that we need to do a homework.
But only giving a homework may make them stressful. That's why we also provide a gift too.

7. Why

It's possible to add one more "why" at the end.
We can show the same evidence or show the other approaches.
It has an affect to encourage people to move again.


Finally, you may get the gifts if you practice this way with following this.
  1. Join our company.
  2. Write blogs with following this format.
  3. Get the best blog award during campaign period of our company.
  4. Get special gift from Kakeya :)


This blog is the summary of "一瞬で人の心を操る「売れる」セールスライティング". This is a very short book but good summarize of documentation.
In fact, this blog is the first practice to try this format after I read this book.
This means this book made me act successfully!
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