Each of us is a different being and no one has the right to choose how to live for others, but we have the right to live our own life because you have the ability to do it.

From the moment we started to perceive and receive an education, the two words "filial piety" have been carving a mindset in each of us. So the mission to live life according to the wishes of many people, especially parents and relatives around, begins here:

1. Live life as parents want:

  • When I was 10 years old, I wanted to go to a gifted school to both study culture and participate in professional training of badminton players (at that time I was sent an admission notice from the provincial gifted school because I was selected after winning the 3rd prize at the provincial level in badminton) . But with just one parent's statement "Didn’t study gifted school, focus on studying knowledge well". And then I didn't have enough ability to raise my dream, and continued to live according to my parents' wishes.

  • By the end of 12th grade, I wanted to take the entrance exam to Hanoi University, learn a favorite language. But my parents said "Choose the National Economics School (NEU), study accounting major". My protest could not be against the decision of my parents. And my result didn't pass NEU. I was desperate, didn't want to go to university anymore, but my parents decided to find a second choice, it was Hanoi Law University where I would have studied for 4 years. Once again the important thing in my life is to live the life my parents wanted, not to decide for myself.

  • 4 years of college ended and I didn't know what to do . My parents are still the orientation: Find an office job, you should get married when you are 24 years old. But now I can't live the life my parents want anymore. I am really tired! I started to sit down and outline short-term and long-term goals and what I need to prepare for those goals. I decided to learn more languages ​​to help with my future goals and to do what I wanted to do. When I was 18 years old, I couldn't do it, so I studied at Hanoi University (I studied at Hanoi University 1 year after graduating from Law University). Well, better late than never. This time, I submitted my application, took the exam myself, and saved my own money to go to work to pay tuition. When I got the results of the admission, the admission notice, I quickly paid the money and that night I told my parents. A very normal reaction of parents:

"Why did you decide that without telling your parents, why do you continue to go to school while working, 4 years of college is not enough, 23 years old don't worry find a lover and get married, then when will you get married, where will the money to pay tuition fees,”

This time I had an opinion and said to myself: “Parents let me live in accordance with my child’s wishes. Can I go to work to save money to pay tuition fees, in my time studying is always needed. If I don't study to gain more knowledge, I will quickly be eliminated. As for my husband and children, just ignore me, don't introduce me to anyone else, when I feel suitable, I will love and get married."

The feeling of once being in control of my life is very satisfying, and so I have been continuing on the path I have chosen for 1 year.

2. Live life like someone I'm "envious"

Why is Miss A so rich? Why is Mr. B so good? I want to have a romantic love like Miss C? There are so many wishes that I want to be. This started in school all the way to work. Seeing a person who is good, talented, doing things that I can't do at the same time…….all appear in front of my eyes is admiration and desire to live like them, to be in their circumstances to once do what they once did.

And then one day, the person I admired turned to me and said: It's also a life, but all day I live in fatigue and pressure and darkness, I wish to live the life of an ordinary person. : to go out with friends on the weekend, do the job you like, not have to worry about the pressure of losing to others,.....

I sat still for a while, today I don't understand why I'm sad!

--------------------------------------------------- -

By the way, I would like to share my perspective:

  • Be yourself, please don't live life as others want, don't set yourself a model that you think is perfect to learn. follow.

  • Parents are people who are willing to sacrifice everything for their children, but not all orientations are right for us. Please, if you have a different lifestyle choice than your parents want, then plan and act on your own to convince and take responsibility for that action. Don't make your parents miserable.

  • There is no right or wrong choice. There is only right or wrong. Please don't blame it but face it and do it again. It's never too late to start.

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