What do you want to do in your life? We want to make Scuti Mafia!

What do you want to do in your life? We want to make Scuti Mafia!

I'm Kakeya, CEO and founder of Scuti. This is the sudden question but do you have something you want to do through your life? I have. In this blog, I'd like to describe it. In this blog, I hope the readers of this blog can understand why I'm doing this business and toward where we are going.

In the last 3rd birthday party and the kickoff meeting for the 5th period, I declared to our members I would make the mafia. Of course, this doesn't mean literally but this is what I want to do through my life.

The original purpose and mission of Scuti

The mission of Scuti is "We provide web services which can change lives of Southeast Asia". And I have 2 reasons why I established this company.

  1. I'd like to develop web services by ourselves which can change the lives of the SEA.
  2. I'd like to provide the environment for Vietnamese engineers to develop web services of our own.
These are written on the past blog "The reason why I established Scuti" too.

Of course, I never change this mission and any results and behavior of myself should relate to the mission.

However, when I went to San Francisco, I had an "incident". Because of this incident, I got a clearer way to go for the mission.

Why are you working in Hanoi?

The main purpose I went to San Francisco was to meet some startups and investors and actually, I did. When I met one of the investors, I made the conversation with him like this.

[Me] I have the development team in Hanoi and I'd like to make the ecosystem of the startup in Vietnam too. What should be the first step to make it?

[Investor] This is not a thing to do personally. Originally, it's not possible to make the ecosystem unless you succeed as a startup by yourself. The starting point of the ecosystem should be the big success of a startup.
Furthermore, if you want to start a startup, why are you working in Hanoi? There are not many investors, not many mentors, not many startups. I can't find the reason why you need to work there instead of San Francisco.

For me, the biggest advantage of SEA is the promising market. The population is big already but still getting bigger with about 3 % growth rate. And the GDP growth rate of the countries in this area is totally about 5 - 6 %. Then each country is close to each other physically. We can go to any of the countries within 3 hours by plane. 

Yes, actually there are not many investors, mentors, and startups in Hanoi. This is the fact. But as far as we're working in SEA, we don't need to think of only one city, one country. If we want to find the investors or mentors, we can go to Singapore. If we want to meet with the other startups, we can go to HCMC, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and so on. Why do we need to think of only Hanoi? The market of SEA (or Asia) is obviously bigger than America. I felt his view was narrow. Also, I felt that he and I were incompatible. So I didn't "discuss" with him.

But I really really hated his thought. So at that time, yes, at that time, I strongly decided I would be the first successful startup in Vietnam and would be the starting point of the startup ecosystem in Vietnam.

Mafia is the group of the startups born based on the first successful startup

My role model is Skype. As everybody knows, Skype is one of the greatest startups and they sold their business to Microsoft. Based on this money, founders and shareholders started the next startups or invested to the other startups. Then the next generation of startups in Estonia are growing up quickly. 

The diagram shows the group of the startups born from Skype and this is what I want to do in Vietnam. And Scuti will be the position of Skype of Vietnam.

Ride on our bus!

In this blog, I wrote what I do through my life in Scuti. This is the thing that I need to keep going forward for long. In order to realize it, I need the help of many people.

If you empathize my thought, let's ride on our bus and let's go to far place! We're always looking for the persons who can work with us with the strong entrepreneurship!

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