How to learn efficiently? Short question but difficult answer!

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Why do you learn?
Keep thinking about the long term goals what you want to achieve.
Never doubt your goal.
I tell you a story
The Olympian Michael Phelps is an amazing role model- he never misses a day's training, is on the track on cold rainy days and never doubts his goal.
Michael Phelps (Internet)

Don't give up!
Please remember if at first you don't succeed, you're running about average. Not everything is achievable in the first time.
When starting out on a new course, understanding why you are learning is important. It isn't nescessary to tackle all learning in the same way. Instead, you need to fit the learning to you, not you to the learning:
If you want to gain a single skill, once you have got that skill, you can decide to continue or not.
If you are learning for fun, and you find some of the experience is not enjoyable, skip that bit.
If you have limited time, work out what is the absolute minimum you need to do and skip the optional bits.
If you want (or need) the certificate, you will probably need to spend extra time to understnd everything.
How do you organise your learning?
I read a funny but useful quote "Time is the most we want but what we use worst".
Time management is difficult soft skill we have to learn, practice and use efficiently.
There are some tips what I did to plan for learning, find the right time and place, and not get distracted.

"Before I sleep, when I lay on the bed in the dark, I try to remember what I learnt that day. When I wake up, I think about what I plan to do all new day"
"A palce to always study, where you can really concentrat. It will make you have more focus because if you are there, you know that you have to study"
"I make sure that I have everything I need to hand- iPad, phone, headphone/earphone, paper, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, books, notebook, glasses, tissues ans water bottle. I go through s sort of ritual, getting everything ready. The preparation settes my mind into thinking."
"Schedule a chunk of time every week to learn and focus wholly on that. A lunchtime, an early morning session, or curled up in the evenings. Make it regular, make it consistent, make it count."
"Don't waste your time with distractions, mainly on the internet. Don't open your social media accounts. Set a time limit for tasks."
Which techniques help you learn?
Let think about the way you learn currently, is it efficient? If you still read my post it means you did not do the right method. I will give you some tips that you can follow.
1. Listen carefully
The best way to learn is to listen. Listen so carefully and attentively that you are able to grasp every word.
2. Read curiously
The key word is curiosity. If you try to learn what you are curious about, chances are you will remember what you read more easily and quickly.
3. Think critically
The sharing of different opinions, theories or queries can help to develop a deeper critical thinking around the subject.
4. Question fearlessly
Never, ever, be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a silly question, and you will often find that several other people have been pondering the same things. This in itself gives you confidence.
5. Note activity
Making notes, writing things in a notebook, is not in itself knowledge. You have to think actively, work, make connnections and remember, in order to put it in your head. Only then is it something closer to knowledge.

You can find many ways to learn but how to learn efficiently? Let's get started first!
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